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Our goal is to seek success in the services we offer. The only way success will become inevitable, is if others trust that WE are capable of accomplishing the tasks given to us by our clients. We wish to continue to build trusts with all those that utilize our sevice.



Opportunities come and go. OEP is consistently giving opportunities for others to open up doors of success through their financial journey. When given this moment to do so, the growth of our bond will have risen above & beyond Expectations. Inner/outer focus will win against laziness every time.

"When pieces are scattered like the minds of those lost on the Land, in the Ocean and Sky. The only way to build genuinely is to Unify. The only way to Unify is to comprehend all that is you. balance in one’s own mind, vessel and soul. will give a more precise understanding of those whom are lost. We must guide the confused to the truth  in order to achieve true HARMONIZATION..




Rachel L. Griffin

Owner/founder of

Pen & Camera
CEO of

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